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Hillcrest Centre, Bay Vue Road, Newhaven, BN9 9LH

Tel: 07812 181545

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Seven Sisters Storytelling at Guesthouse: 

Stories to Bring the House Down - Nell Phoenix, 9 January.  A new-start night of cakes, cackles and community.  Nell's best loved stories, jokes and proverbs.

The Bag of Wonders - Xanthe Gresham Knight, 13 February.  Cats, rats and spindles - tales of ancestral grannies.  A pick and mix of fibs and fables.

The Secret Commonwealth - Tim Ralphs, 12 March.  Dark, twisted and superbly strange stories of the Other Crowd, The Good People, The Fairies.

The Mighty Goddess - Sally Pommme Clayton, 9 April.  Follow the goddess from creator to crone in tales of lust, greed, death and rebirth.

Hosting the Best of Guesthouse - Anne-Marie, Umi and Wendy, 14 May.  Favourites from 16 years of community storytelling.  Come and tell or listen.  (£5).


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Season (14 May 2024)

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