Xanthe Gresham Knight's Goddess Lounge

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Xanthe Gresham Knight's Goddess Lounge


The Goddess Lounge is a free, monthly, online storytelling event featuring international performers, environmentalists, authors, and non-binary artists.

Storytellers from Brazil, Uruguay, Wales, Denmark, New Zealand and Italy will feature alongside UK and UK-diverse artists from Zimbabwe, India, and Ireland.

Since the Neolithic, Goddesses have been inter-sex, international and inspirational. ‘The Goddess Lounge’ will joyously and provocatively mash up myth, film, live performance, and debate, creating new realms through which to explore the pressing themes of climate, migration, and gender.

The Goddess Lounge was born as a result of the celebrated ‘How to be a Kitchen Goddess’ series, commissioned in 2020 by Hastings Storytelling Festival – four delicious nights of story-led cookery plus entrancing guests.

‘Funny, poignant, urgent – a raging success’ 'Traditional tales coupled with true, vital storytelling.’ ‘I’m watching alone yet laughing out loud.’ ‘Great top tips for keeping Goddess energy alive in current circumstances.’ ‘Online is a Goddess-send.’


THU 28 JAN 7.30pm GREEN GODDESS – Rewild your Soul

Xanthe Gresham Knight and Sherry Robinson get energised with fire, water, and the Goddess Sulis-Minerva. Welsh storyteller Tamar Eluned Williams tracks the Lady of the Lake in the Welsh mountains. Fleur Shorthouse, sauna-master and philosopher shares the mythology of cancer and its cures. UK-Irish Clare Muireann Murphy with shaman/medicine woman Catherine Maguire celebrate the Goddess Brigit.

THU 25 FEB 7.30pm GENDER BLENDING GODDESS – Find your Mask amidst the Ancients

Xanthe Gresham Knight explores the myths of intersex Goddesses and hosts non-binary actor Amy Sutton with their transgender musical Inanna, UKUruguayan multi-instrumentalist, folk singer and director of The Sex Workers’ Opera Alex Etchart and BAFTA nominated UK-Middle Eastern storyteller Alia Alzougbu.

THU 25 MAR 7.30pm GODDESS TO GO – Migration and the Mother

Xanthe Gresham Knight constructs a universal Portable Goddess out of symbols. UKZimbabwean Anna Mudeka shares songs and stories of African women’s ancestral totems. UK-Indian Author Umi Sinha unveils the darker aspects of Indian Goddesses and the biological mother, Italian actor-storyteller Paola Balbi embodies the Roman Magna Mater.


  Xanthe Gresham Knight slips on the red shoes of Aphrodite. Author, storyteller and frockaholic Tanya Batt welcomes us into her eco-village in the Awaawaroa Bay on Waiheke island, New Zealand. Dr Joanna Gilar re-ingnites our relationship with nature through wild storytelling. Seema Anand UK-Indian storyteller and author of The Arts of Seduction offers love bites from the Kama Sutra.

THU 27 MAY 7.30pm CLIMATE SAVING GODDESS – Join the Rebels

Xanthe Gresham Knight celebrates the Goddess of Recycling, XR performance artist Laura Coppin intersects with insects, Danish storyteller and voice virtuoso Katrine Faber suckles fish and Jo Blake digs the dirt with Mary Magdalene. An invitation to start your own climate rebellion.

THU 24 JUNE 7.30pm TATTOOING THE GODDESS – Consult the Oracle

Xanthe Gresham Knight conjures the Goddess of Divination. Bernadette Vallely, author of Your Planet Needs You on Mother Earth – how to speak to Her and how to listen. UK-Brazilian Ana Lines summons Frida Kahlo with ancestral offerings. Brazilian actor and performance artist Livia Gaudencio creates a new archetype of Goddess Power. There will be an opportunity to consult the oracle.

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Climate Saving Goddess - Join the Rebels: 7.30pm (27 May 2021)
Tattooing the Goddess - Consult the Oracle: 7.30pm (24 June 2021)

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